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Leaders that listen well are the ones that speak last...

How do you foster innovation in the early stages of a new business initiative? Of course, there is no simple answer to this, but I wanted to share this video to highlight one of the many things you can do to create a space where powerful innovation can occur.

What you will hear in this short clip is a description of the impact that leadership can have on a new initiative when they announce it to the team for the first time. It's critical, when fostering innovation in your business, to introduce initiatives in a way that provides the space for collaborative ideation to occur. What you present as your goal is the point from which your team is set off to explore the landscape. Keeping that introduction open, e.g. clarifying the outcome without filling in the HOW of what is involved, will start your initiative on the right foot.

Giving too many details on the landscape of your initiative, or describing what the answer to resolving the problem should look like, will tie the process of ideation to anchors that limit innovation potential - before this new effort even sets sail.

Check out what Simon says about listening just after this starts, he finishes at at about 15:30, watching the rest is optional! Please share your thoughts if you agree or have a different perspective on this important step to fostering innovation.